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When Bet was a baby, while still living in Thailand, Ayer began to create​ books. “She was always drawing,” says Bet, 58, who is quietly spoken and shares her mother’s soft features. “If she visited someone, she would sit in the kitchen and draw what was around her.” This included Bet and her sister, whose likenesses feature in her books. On a trip back to New York with her daughters, she showed her sketchbooks to a well-connected friend, and it led to a publishing deal. A few years after Bet was born, in the early 60s, Ayer and Fred split up. She moved to Hong Kong with Margot and Bet, setting up Design-Thai there. She worked long hours with frequent business trips back to New York. She socialised, hanging out with celebrities such as Kirk Douglas. “She meant well, but she was driven and, as a single mother, had to earn money, so we had to cope on our own,” says Bet. “I remember always being slightly closed off with her, never able to hug her properly.

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