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He did not set out the details of his plan, but urged states to speed up efforts to put local police under unified statewide command. Intimidating, paying off or eliminating police, CJNG leaders have ruthlessly applied lessons learned during their apprenticeship under Guzman's cartel to muscle in on battered rivals and snatch trafficking routes, security experts say. Interviews by Reuters with over a dozen serving and former officials underlined how collusion between gang members and law enforcement in the CJNG's stronghold, the western state of Jalisco, laid the foundation for the gang's advance. "People stopped trusting the police. People believed the police in the state were working for a criminal gang," said Jalisco's attorney general Eduardo Almaguer. Bearing the brunt of the chaos are the ports, trafficking centers and border crossings that light up the multi-billion dollar trail of crystal methamphetamine from Mexico to the United States, the CJNG's main source of revenue. Both savage - one gang hitman videoed blowing up victims he had strapped with dynamite - and shrewd, the CJNG is flanked by a white collar financial arm known as "Los Cuinis". "They're the entrepreneurs. They've made big investments in property, in restaurants, car leasing," said Almaguer. "They're the ones who know how to do business and corrupt authorities." Almaguer has fired dozens of state officials suspected of corruption since becoming attorney general in July 2015. But it is municipal police that pose the biggest liability in Jalisco, the home of Mexico's second biggest city, Guadalajara.